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Today, the Nigerian outdoor advertising industry is dedicated to pushing the boundaries and challenging the conventions of outdoor advertising in ways that were not possible before. Using the most up-to-the-minute developments in outdoor advertising, outdoor advertisers in Nigeria are taking a marketing objective from concept to on-street reality.




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Outdoor advertisers in Nigeria are increasingly convinced that adding location element in the marketing of their products and services gives them strategic advantage to compete effectively in the Nigerian outdoor advertising industry

These providers are now depending on STL to provide innovative mapvertising solutions using an online street map of Lagos.



At STL, we do not just talk theoretically about how GIS can assist outdoor advertisers in Nigeria, we have actually implemented several projects successfully for some big companies in Nigeria. See our case studies



Map-Based Online Billboard Location Finder



Mapvertising Billboards on an online street map of Lagos


Independent Billboard Updates Tracking using GIS


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STL had set up  -an online street map of Lagos to provide a medium for outdoor advertisers in Nigeria to evaluate the impact and nature of each of their billboards - directly on an interactive map using its campaign logo . contains the digital map of over 450,000 streets in Lagos covering an estimated 2,500Sqkm landmass. With this in mind, advertisers can track and display the location of their billboards in Lagos down to the nearest street



Billboards can be searched for by either  provider's name e.g. TimePiece Integrated Services or by suburb e.g. Apapa.

Advertisers and their clients can see the location of their billboards on an interactive map and evaluate the geographic spread of their billboards and identify gaps which could further lead to more exciting business opportunities.

All is possible without investing in any expensive new mapping technologies or learning to use complex mapping tools



Why you should be interested in’s Billboard Finder

  • As an outdoor advertiser, for all your billboards integrated on, your clients  can search online and interactively and see the location of all their billboards on an online street map of Lagos.

  • Using’s “Find the Nearest” Locator, your clients can evaluate the impact of their billboard locations on a specific targeted market.

  • Being able to see the location of its billboards will further  strengthen the confidence of your customers in your capability and innovativeness



Mapvertising is the unique way of pinpointing business advertising on maps using specific campaign logos and pictures with associated information.


Mapvertising offers advertisers the opportunity to integrate a campaign pictures with the billboard locations in a consistent manner. The use of colourful product pictures helps to reinforce and strengthen the brand.  advertisers can easily connect their billboard pictures with the billboard locations.



Each mapervised billboard site appears on as an icon against the backdrop of Lagos street map data. The location of each billboard is searchable by suburb e.g. Oregun, Ikeja, Ogba, etc.


The billboard icon has an information page which allows for additional exposure of SL's advertising partners rand through the use of summarized marketing information about the its products or services. This Marketing Information is localised and relevant to each billboard and is therefore more productive 


Mapvertising provides a visual connection between an icon on the map and real-world business information. This information is displayed via a mouse click function on a business icon on the map.









Outdoor advertising in Nigeria introduces challenging situations not common in some other countries. Some outdoor billboards advertising agencies are known to have successfully cheated their clients by double dealing and selling advert space on one single billboard to more than one client at the same time.

STL through the use of online map-based billboard finder  such as can provide an independent campaign tracking service for the benefit advertising end-users. This will ensure that updates to each billboard is visible to the relevant end-users  and relevant updates to the billboards can be published in a consistent, efficient and affordable manner

Advantages of Independent Billboard Campaign Tracking Services to adverts owners

  • Displaying the most current status of the bill board will ensure that the adverts owners can get value for money regarding investment on the billboards

  • Adverts owners can easily check the current status of all of their billboards online from and track the campaign while it is ongoing as opposed to just getting written situation report when it is too late.

  •  Outdoor billboard campaign update  tracking will insure that correct times are being activated and the incident of fraud by advertising provider is checked and completely eliminated.



Case study

Click here to see how STL is assisting Timepiece Integrated Services Ltd to leverage on online map-based billboard finder in Lagos in providing innovative services for its clients







STL’s Professional services

Each of the analyses above can be provided as either a consultancy service or can be performed in-house using MapInfo Professional software –a professional mapping and business making tool based on the visual power of GIS and map.





GIS Consultancy Services

For those companies that would prefer to out-source either a single GIS project or a long-term strategic venture, STL can help. STL can either carry out project-based consultancy assignments or second staff to a clients' premises to work on-sites. Projects are typically bespoke and tailored to each client's commercial requirements.



 In-House Empowerment

GIS Services

 STL empowers its customers to perform their own market analyses and modelling if they have the in-house resource and skill to do so. A professional off-the-shelve GIS and mapping software is provided on license as a desktop application. Unlimited training and a team of dedicated technical helpline is also provided.


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