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Nigerian Masts on Google Map

Over 30,000 telecom mast locations were mapped across Nigeria using advanced mobile data collection solution


Using Google Fusion Table, It was possible to colour code the mast icons based on mast ownership appearing against the backdrop of Nigerian map data in Google map

Click this link to play with Google map of Nigerian Mast mapping project

Some of our Products

Vector/Street Data



Landuse / Clutter Data



Digital Elevation Data

Mast Location Database  STL had been gathering intelligence and competitive mast location  for all operators in Nigeria. This database contains such details as owner (operator) of mast, geographic coordinates, city, LGA, state, and mast height. This intelligence database covers the whole of Nigeria for such operators as  MTN, Airtell, Globacom, Starcomms, Helios Towers, Multi-links, etc. Mast co-location solution providers will particularly appreciate this details. Wireless operators can also use this information to gain insight into the size and extent of their competitors coverage



STL won the RIMA Foundation Nigerian

Best GIS Solution Provider Award









Our Professional Services


Vehicle Tracking

STL has become the largest supplier of accurate large scale maps developed primarily for the vehicle tracking industry in Nigeria >>more



GIS Consultancy

STL provides turn-key GIS solutions to enable Nigerian companies make informed and business decision consistently. >>more



Web-Based Map

Online location based solutions delivering smart POI search, street search to improve your customers' online experience.>>more




Mobile Mapping Solution

A mobile data capture solution that would enable a team of field workers capturing data from multiple cities across Nigeria and post to a central remote server in real time. Ideal for Market Research, Urban Traffic Management, POI mapping, Census, Electricity generation and distribution, etc >>more




Geographic Network Utilization.

We have the resources to produce accurate dynamic maps that will show the geographic spread of network resource utilization every hour on the hour to reduce the stress of networking monitoring using traditional row-column based reporting tools. These maps can be integrated with existing reporting tools to give an accurate rendition of the network status in a concise manner without trading off details.

This way, the non-engineering staff in Accounting, Marketing & sales can understand the network utilization in a simple way to enable the making of informed business and technical decisions. This is a well tested solution as it is currently being used in monitoring the network of Nigeria's largest telecommunication company. >>more on Network Dynamic maps for Telecom


Call Centre Map Empowerment



Knowing that time is money in Nigeria, a customer calling to make enquiries will appreciate fast and timely response from the operator. Our solution draws on the visual power of  spatial technology in disseminate FAST and time SENSITIVE information to customers regarding issues bothering on coverage, locating the nearest product dealer and areas affected when a cell is down, etc


 Wireless Network RF Planning

Map Data











STL develops accurate mapping data such as  DEM, Clutter and Vector for the wireless companies to be used in Radio Frequency and Transmission Planning. Mapping data provide a reliable foundation for large cellular network optimizing propagation modeling and base station location. Our experts are very famliar to Aircom ASSET and Planet EV planning tool. 

See our Map Catalogue for available data


Fiber Optics Cable Route Planning

In today's competitive market, the broadband industry in Nigeria has been driven by the need to provide better service coverage while reducing infrastructure costs. The solution lies in determining the optimum route for a planned fibre optic laying project.

>>See our case study


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STL's map data powers Sunmail Telecom Ltd's Fibre Optics Route Planning Project in 9 Cities across Nigeria. >>more

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