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Spatial Technologies Ltd (STL) is a dynamic Information Technology company with special emphasis on map, GIS and Location based solutions. STL is registered in Nigeria with offices in Lagos and UK. STL has a select group of experienced GIS Professionals and other experts who share a common vision of providing high-quality customized service at a reasonable cost. Our strategy is to work closely with our clients as an integral part of the project team.



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We have gathered a select group of experienced GIS professionals who share a common vision of providing  high-quality customised service at a reasonable cost. Our strategy is to work closely with our clients as an integral part of the project team. Our approach emphasizes practical innovation and is backed by knowledge and expertise gained from an average of more than 10 years of hands-on GIS experience of our consulting staff. STL has the knowledge, experience, and commitment to ensure project success from planning and implementation to distribution and maintenance.   


Spatial Technologies Ltd is Nigeria's largest full-service GIS firm in Nigeria

We understand project time constraints and we have therefore cultivated an innovative approach, aiming to deliver  the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Because we are based in the heart of Lagos, we know every cranny of Nigeria and the intricate culture of our Nigerian people more than our foreign competitors could ever dream of matching. We know the hidden costs of time and money spent importing and converting data we therefore pride ourselves in our ability of taking raw material and quickly turning it into accurate and reusable products. Therefore, with STL's incredible variety of products, features and price points, there is no better source for innovative mapping solutions in Nigeria.    >> See Map Catalogue    



Some of our Clients Include:  

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Digital street Maps for Vehicle              Tracking





Retail market & Distribution Network Optimization


GIS Consultancy


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Digital Street map data














Google Inc


Airtel Nigeria



Greenwich Consulting



G4S Tracking

Arcus GIBB

(South Africa)

ipNX Nigeria Limited

Galaxy Wireless

Communication Ltd







TimePiece Billboards


Why you are better off with STL

At STL, we believe in the power of GIS and it shows in our work, ethic, our solutions and our commitment to our clients' success. We offer our clients about years expertise at helping forward looking companies to make informed technical and business decisions. Our geospatial solution will be tailored to fit your specific requirements in order to leverage corporate knowledge and increase efficiency and effectiveness in your operations.








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