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Transport Network Layer

STL's Transport Network Layer is a detailed, accurate and up-to-date digital dataset consisting of a  Roads Network theme  for Nigeria. The Roads Network contains road categories, from Express Roads, Major Roads and Minor Roads across the entire country.

The Transport Network Layer is a flexible, precise foundation for transport management systems, road routing, the co-ordination of street works, emergency planning and many other applications.



Possible Applications

Planning, monitoring, analysis
  • Road safety, including accident-rate statistics
  • Civil contingency planning and operations
  • Street works management and coordination
  • Road-user charging
  • Emergency service command and control
  • Traffic analysis
  • Advertising Bill Boards mapping

Transport, logistics and distribution

  • GPS Navigational systems
  • Fleet management
  • Waste management
  • Routing for courier and express companies
  • Scheduling and tracking by haulier




Routing Information

  STL's Transport Network data contains Routing Information (RI) for some selected cities across Nigeria.

RI contains information such as ; traffic direction, speed limit,  turn restrictions; and one-way roads.

RI is available for Lagos, Abuja and Porthacourt


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