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Nigerian Points of Interest (POI) Data


Points of Interest is a dataset of around 50,000 geographic and commercial features across Nigeria- all highlighting location and function information, (categorisd into more than 15 individual classifications)

Each Points of Interest feature is provided with a geographic coordinate so it can be visualised as a point on a digital mapping system


To extract the fullest possible value from the data, it is best viewed and analysed within a Geographic Information System that can use the coordinates to display each feature's geographic location as a point in combination with a city map.This could be a feature such as a Restaurant, a Bank or an Hotel, or a coordinate supplied from a mobile phone.


When Points of Interest is combined with mapping, it becomes a powerful component in a modern, detailed location-based application. The product is updated regularly to the delight of our customers


Our Professional Services


Vehicle Tracking

STL has become the largest supplier of accurate large scale maps developed primarily for the vehicle tracking industry in Nigeria >>more



GIS Consultancy

STL provides turn-key GIS solutions to enable Nigerian companies make informed technical and business decisions consistently. >>more



Web-Based Map

Online location based solutions delivering smart POI search, street search to improve your customers' online experience.>>more




Mobile Mapping Solution

A mobile data capture solution that would enable a team of field workers capturing data from multiple cities across Nigeria and post to a central remote server in real time. Ideal for Market Research, Urban Traffic Management, POI mapping, Census, Electricity generation and distribution, etc >>more


Typical applications for Points of Interest

Citizen information services

Information providers can promote the availability and location of a huge range of commercial and non-commercial locations through websites and other media.


Spatial analysis

Both State and Federal government can use Points of Interest to analyse populations' proximity and accessibility to local educational, health and other services. This is important in the social exclusion agenda and other initiatives.


Categories of Points of Interest:

1. Banks

2. Petrol Stations

3. Restaurants

4. Schools (public and private)

5. Markets

6. Hotels

7. Major Government Offices

8. Churches

9. Mosques

10. Shopping Malls

11. Major Bus park

12. Police Stations

13. Fire Stations

14. Hospitals (public and private)

15. Post Office

16. Popular landmarks


How Points of Interest can be used

The primary use of points of interest is to allow identification of different facilities or resources within the built and natural environment.
The data can be used within a table format, such as a spreadsheet or a database to create gazetteer or list type applications that allow people to search for a particular facility or resource.


Points of Interest data can be used with other STL products and customer's own data. Using it with STL's Street Layers provides a dramatic improvement on how different categories of Points of Interest affect our customers.

For example, if a company like Cadbury wishes to evaluate how locating their sales outlets close to schools could affect the sale of Bournvita products within Ibadan in Oyo tate, Cadbury can use STL's POIs to do an initial desktop proximity analysis and evaluate the impact of the Points of Interest on its products sale.

Points of Interest can also be used for a comparative analysis. For instance, UBA PLC while searching for optimal location for its new branches in Onitsha can use the Points of Interest to see the geographic spread of Bank Zenith bank or First Bank's branches in the same place or any other place.



Vehicle Tracking and navigation

Vehicle tracking and in-vehicle GPS-based navigation tools are becoming a must have in major cities across Nigeria. A detailed and maintained Points of Interest theme to accompany road routing and restriction information adds real value and context for users.


Emergency Services support

In an emergency, finding the location of an incident or service user is vital and urgent. Callers do not always know where they are and Points of Interest can be a useful addition to the armoury of tools to help find a location in the shortest possible time. With Points of Interest, searches like 'near the National Art Theater' or 'Close to Awani Market' become much easier to complete.


Location-based services

Points of Interest data enhances the functionality of mobile digital devices from phones to PDAs and personal navigation devices by allowing users to pinpoint attractions and services, e.g. Hot Chicken wings at 'Tastee Fried Chicken' on Ogunlana Drive -Surulere


Vector/Street Data

Street level map covering over 120 cities across Nigeria.  Our street data are ideal for vehicle tracking, GPS navigation and business analysis.  >> more

Boundary Data

STL's national Boundary data is a specialist  boundaries dataset comprising logical consistent State, LGA and Ward boundaries. It contains different levels of  administrative boundaries, from State to Local Government across Nigeria >>more


Points Of Interest

We have gathered over  250,000 POIs covering some 100 cities. Our POIs are categorised into more than 15 broad classifications for enhanced intelligent applications.   >>more


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