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Demographic Data

The 2006 census puts Nigeria's population at more than 140 million; with male constituting 71.7 million (51.22 percent), while female 68.3 million (48.78 percent).

With the release of this census figures, STL can now provide any type of Census geography map you may wish down to Local Government.   All of our maps use the official Census definitions provided by National Population Commission



Market Research Suvey Data on Maps

Your Strategic Questions Answered

While other companies present demographics only by obscure Census geography, STL works with Market Research companies in Nigeria to put marketing and demographic survey data into business context. This synergy allows us to create customised valuable radius maps, demographic maps, and custom thematic maps that enhance marketing around any business in Nigeria.
  If you are asking the following questions, then STL can help you answer them using the expansive tool call ed Geographic Information System
  • Have we chosen a good place to open a new site?
  • How do we modify our marketing for existing stores to take advantage of the distinct local poluation?
  • How are each of our stores performing in local neighborhoods?

Thematic Mapping


Adding Your Data

We can overlay your radius map or other map with demographics - creating what is often called a “thematic map”. 

Use our map to :

  • Show a radius around your store
  • show a radius around a street
  • produce distinct maps, coloring each area based on demographics

Add information to your demographic maps:

  • Average household income

  • Population

  • Sales information

  • Competitive retail businesses

  • Your existing customer files


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